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Samsung KG Lock Bypass (TVs lock kg lock) | By Griffin-Unlocker

Hello Everyone
How To Bypass Samsung KG Lock ( All Samsung Models Supported )
To Be Know it’s not an unlock, it’s a BYPASS.
After Wipe Data/Factory reset everything goes back to stock setting, so Relock as well.
You Need Use Griffin-Unlocker Tool To Do This Operation

1- First You Need To Connect WIFI

2- Now Open Griffin-Unlocker Tool And Press On KG Bypass
In This Step Need Go To emergency call and Enter Code *#0*#
Or You Can Pass This Step If You Enable ADB With Any Other Method

3- Grant “knox permissions” only ,and leave Device Admin
(internet Connection needed)

4- Now Process Will Done By Griffin-Unlocker Tool

Check This Video To Know All Steps By Griffin-Unlocker Tool



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