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Driver-Install Offline| All OEM Driver in One Tool

Automatic Driver installation

Automatic Driver installation | Offline Install | All in One | Silent Install
Support 86bit & 64bit :
* Windows 7
* Windows 8
* Windows 10
* Windows 11

Drivers are specialized software modules that connect the hardware of a device to the software of available programs. This enables the hardware components to ‘talk’ to the operating system.

From peripherals like mice and keyboards to monitors to graphics cards, all pieces of hardware require drivers for proper functioning and communication with the OS. Without the right device drivers, your hardware won’t even get recognized, let alone function.

Just as every other piece of hardware that can be linked to your computer has drivers, so do mobile phones too have these optimized software modules to establish a connection between the two.

But where computers have to load up drivers to support hardware (as the OS is not specified), drivers come bundled with the firmware on most phones and things are ready to use out-of-the-box. However, your phone’s firmware makes them available only as read-only’s and keeps you from tinkering with them (unless you have a rooted device, which is a different beast altogether).

When your phone is connected to the computer via the USB, the installed USB drivers allow your computer to recognize your phone and transfer files between the two. In some cases, you might have to install your OEM’s PC software first for the drivers to be installed and data transfer to take place.

Drivers are also required for terminal tools like ADB and Fastboot to communicate and send commands to your phone when it’s connected to the PC. While in recovery or bootloader mode, these are what help the data transfer when you’re sideloading, rooting, unlocking the bootloader, and all good things that have to do with firmware flashing.

OEM USB Drivers

Here is a list of popular phone manufacturers and their USB drivers

– Samsung

– Xiaomi

– Apple

– Huawei

– LG

– Motorola

– Oppo

– Lenovo

– Google

– BlackBerry


– Qualcomm

– LibUsb

– SPD / Unisoc

Universal Drivers

These drivers, as the name suggests, support a wide variety of devices. If you’re having issues with your drivers and can’t figure out which ones to install, you can never go wrong with Universal drivers. 



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